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Lena Paul Biography: 
Lena Paul is an extraordinaire chick with an even more epic body. She is flawless for porno because of her impressive cupcakes that are naturally size 32DDD. That’s right, trio Ds. That, paired with a 25 inch mid-body, a 36 inch bum and a strenuous fantasy to satiate any dude who comes her way makes for a truly superb time. Before joining the pornography industry, buxom Lena was a brainy and stellar businesswoman who worked in Latin-American relations. Thru her own startup, she secured deals inbetween South and Central Yankee governments and US investors. That’s where she realized that being a super-cute and pointy lady could help her get what she desired, no matter what she does in life. Lena from time to time didn’t have enough money to run her smallish biz so she embarked camming as a way to fund it. Her company wasn’t doing well so she left it behind for a career in pornography. She thought it could both help her achieve her future goals of going to graduate college and her current goals of making money and having joy. >
Lena is an independent thinker. She always said that she would never switch herself for pornography. This is why you can usually observe her with a utter thicket and perhaps a bit more of a stomach than other superstars. She wants to prove that you can be yourself and still have joy in the porno business. Lena is a ultra-kinky woman, too. Before porno she attempted many different sexual things, like visiting dungeons, attempting on the hat of both a dom and a marionette, and having scorching gang intercourse sessions. As you can observe, she found herself in the right industry and she is having a blast!

Cast: Lena Paul
Clips: 125
Size: 47.630 MB
Duration: 1000 min


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