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Giselle Palmer Collection – MegaPack

Giselle Palmer (born 1995 in Texas) is an Yankee pornography starlet, adult model, and web cam model. She always wished to do pornography but she sweared to complete her school degree before doing so, to have something to fall back on, in case it didn’t work out. So now she has her degree in computational math, proving that she’s truly brainy. Albeit she has a degree, Giselle never eyed herself having a 9-5 job. Instead she haunted her career in the adult refreshment industry.
Giselle began off as a camgirl, which is where she learned how to unload. Now she knows how to make it happen anytime she wants. The ambitious Texan light-haired went heterosexual to the AVN Adult Refreshment Expo in Las Vegas in January 2017 in order to build up all the significant contacts and info that will afterward help her land a pornography vignette. Instead of contacts and info, Giselle left Las Vegas as an experienced pornography performer; she had shot her first-ever romp vignette with Ryan Driller for Nasty America on the day after the AVN Awards Display. Her first-ever episode for Mischievous America was extracted on February Trio, 2017, just before her 22 bday. She even found herself an agent, Mark Spiegler, whom she faced on the AEE demonstrate floor at Rigid Rock Motel & Casino. Her name is a mixture of Giselle (the name she used in her French class) and Palmer (inspired by Laura Palmer from Twin Peaks).
In her spare time, Giselle luvs to linger at home, toying movie games, cooking or witnessing senior films. She also spends time at the gym. She describes herself as an senior soul. Giselle is a vegetarian. Her boobies are fully congenital, just as the rest of her figure. Giselle likes to see Domination & submission pornography, public hookup and fetish stuff like wet sex. In private life she has been with many more femmes since she’s a bi cutie.

Cast: Giselle Palmer
Clips: 71
Size: 178.260 MB
Duration: 2000 min


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