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SwingerQuest.com – SiteRip [2005-2006]

We’re glad you’ve finally made it to SwingerQuest.com! Are you here to learn the way to spice up a relationship? Are you the curious type? Or are you just that mad horny for variety that your throbbing cock is almost ready to spit in your pants as soon as you hear the word “swingers”? Well, lucky you! That’s exactly what Swinger Quest is about – spice, variety and shameless fuckfests meant to make you cream your pants like you should! Check out our tour to learn what you’re about to see! Chubby and skinny swinger couples swap partners
When East European swingers get together you know there’s fireworkds in the make. I found these movies of a chubby and a skinny swinger couple exchanging partners on Swinger Quest. By the looks of it it seems like the chubby guy diggs skinny girls and the skinny guy diggs chubby girls. I guess this won’t be the last time they’ll be swapping wives.
Two Ukraine couples having wild swinger sex
Now that the internet has reached almost the entire world’s population the guys at Swinger Quest are receiving amateur swinger videos from all over the world. The video below came from two Ukraine swinger couples who wanted to publish their swinger sex experience on the internet and reach as many people as possible. Well, they’re doing a pretty good job at it.
Two guys enjoying each others horny wives
Two young couples are in their experimental fase and so they decide to try some hot swinger sex. On their Swinger Quest the guys learn that they like each others girlfriends very much. So after a steamy swinger fuck session where they fuck each other in every position they agree to do this again in the very near future. I’ve posted some sample clips below. The entire movie can be found at Swinger Quest.
When I was surfing Swinger Quest earlier today I found this movie where two couples, a younger and an older swinger couple, were sharing each others wive. After they both gave their own partner a good banging these swingers just switched partners and continued to do what they were doing. In the end both of the wives were covered with cumshots from the two guys.
Two swinger couples fucking each others partner like crazy
Two European swinger couples wanted to go on a Swinger Quest and that’s how they met each other. After a date was set they got together and started seducing each others partners. It didn’t take long before the two guys were fucking each others wives. I’ve posted some sample clips of these swingers getting wild. I specially like how the guy with the goatee fucks that little blonde chick with the tiny tits. And also when he puts a load of cum on her brazilian waxed pussy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy these swinger movies.
Two swinger couples getting it on on the kitchen table Clips: 15
Size: 2.040 mb
Duration: 250 min


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