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FuckingMachines.com – Siterip (2000-2014)

Machines Fucking Squirting Pussies With Extreme Insertions. BDSM is an art, and it is an art that wastes little time on hypocrisy. There is no room for it in the honest expression of that art. It is too raw for that, and in that stark rawness, there is much that is beautiful. Torque, machines that will never know how to stop, women with endurance remarkable even for a gender who wins the sexual endurance race without even trying. These machines fuck. They don’t get it wrong. They just fuck the women. They don’t know what they’re fucking, or even that they’re fucking. And they push the women on this site to incredible heights. One video involves a woman with over 50 orgasms in a session. Clips: 987
Size: 718290 mb
Duration: 30000 min


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