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Name: Violet Doll
Title: Goddess, Queen or Mistress. Never Princess.
Age: Immortal
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Grey-blue with gold/aqua/green.
Location: Michigan, USA (I love changing seasons, The Great Lakes, and My loved ones reside here).
Marital Status: Unmarried & unavailable.
Specialty: Femdom and Findom
Turn Offs: Vanilla men, “dominant” men, misogyny, cheapness, whining.
Turn Ons: Tributes, weak obedient slaves with plenty of money, and none of your business.
Tattoos: Only what you’ve already seen, and no plans for any more after I finish my left arm.
No, they don’t have any deep significant meaning. I simply enjoy art.
Hobbies: Draining your bank account

Cast: Violet Doll
Clips: 55
Size: 28.560 MB
Duration: 1000 min


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