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Collection of Oma Pervers from studio Video Teresa Orlowski Oma Pervers 1
Cast: Kim Winter, Tilla Meran, Emma Rush aka Jasmine (as Sabrina Cadeaux), Samantha Wood, Jaqueline Wild, Charlene Roben
Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Kim Winter, Olaf Tanner
Scene 2. Tilla Meran, Samantha Wood [scene was taken from Anal Studs (1993)]
Scene 3. Jaqueline Wild, Charlene Roben, guy
Scene 4. Emma Rush [facial], Steve Vincent, Rex Morrison
Scene 5. Kim Winter, Tilla Meran, Franco Roccaforte Oma Pervers 2
Cast:Andre Kay, Dominique St. Clair, Elodie Delage, gabriel pontello, Gilbert Servien, Jacques Marbeuf, Laurence Boutin, marilyn jess, Mika Barthel, Piotr Stanislas
Description:Marion Palm, this is seen even in the Omar Olle, a woman who knows what she wants. Visiting her are her nieces and nephews. Since Grandma had long had no cock in her old pussy, watching through the keyhole the lesbian play of young brats. She is surprised by her nephew first and then fucked in the corridor. The prelude to a fucking weekend that shows us all how little sex has to do with age. The older, the more dollar is the motto – and Marion Palm is the Omi-hit! Oma Pervers 4
Cast:Jeanette Lange, Effie Balconi, Carola Berger, Judith Belfort, Alexa Bauer
Description:When Mrs. Siebert (Jeanette Lange) has a new cleaning lady she doesn’t know that this wild grandma (Carola Berger) is dangerous. This woman knows some tricks you only know after 60 years. Before Mrs. Sibert knows whats going on, her husband has his way with the cleaning lady who could be his mother. But the “wild cleaning lady” is not satisfied and the “clash of the titans” begins. Oma Pervers 5
Description:Anyone who thinks that the coffee time gossip in the nursing home would always be talking only about fashion and the past, should then try out this tea party. The three old ladies talk about sex and only about sex. Sex they have experienced themselves, or witnessed first hand. Lots of cocks sucking, ass fucking and pussy eating that makes you so horny, they may order a stallion from the italian restaurant, who personally shoves his salami in their cunts. Oma Pervers 6
Cast: Ela Star, Samantha Wood, Kim Winter
Description:Aunt Gisela struggles with her pension. It just lacks everything. So she decides to open a brothel and to rent her beautiful nieces. The response to their ad is considerably larger than expected and her nieces do not even have time to shake out the legs.
So Auntie itself must work and shows everyone that even with 60 years she is worth a fuck. Oma Pervers 8
Cast:Gerda Braun, Jennifer Bond as Jenniver Bond
Description:Our granny and her girlfriend tell all their hot storires over a coffee and cake: our granny fucks with a black guy and her friend has something of the same caliber. Logo keeps turning into this horny animal. Victims of this lust they even forget about their medicines, and wothout them their asses are hornier and hornier. A truly monstrous spectacle. Oma Pervers 9
Cast:Kim Winter, Marion Palm, Emma Rush
Description:Anabel Stein often visits her grandmother Palmer because she can talk to her about everything. Yes, Grandma is so open that she talks to her granddaughter also about sex. Her age hasn’t caused their hormones level to decrease – on the contrary – Grandma finally has the time to do all the things she always dreamed doing with men. Whether they are 20 or even 30 years younger than herself, it does not matter to her. Well, sex is the best medicine for generation problems. Oma Pervers 10
Description:Actually, the four teenagers had arranged for juicy Swap and much fucking, but the middle of the most beautiful stands at the train station and wants to be picked up. Of course that our hero is pissed. He sends the girls home and fetches from Omi. Then he turns to the kitchen to make something to eat her. Omi, however, has already found something to nibble on, the horny friend of our girls. But do not worry: Omi has appetite for more than one. Oma Pervers 12
Cast: Cynthia Larkin, Jeanette Lange, Helga Maron, Paula Bell
Description:Helga Maron really is the hardest, it is not only old, schwabbelich and gnawed violently from cellulite, but also horny as an eighteen year old who has only just discovered sex. She often dreams of being beautiful times wonderfucked by a really big black man with an oversized tail. To satisfy their hunger they go into a sex shop and looks there for videos. Nothing will please her so right up to the videothek she makes it clear immediately and gets unceremoniously buried under their bacon masses. Oma Pervers 13
Cast:Sofia Schneyder, Jeanette Lange, Annie Barcley
Description:A new round with an absolute fold Queen Sofia Schneyder whose labia has mutated over the decades to shame cloth. Her leached tits hanging limply at her leathery body down, but it is after all these years still insatiable and horny as if they’d just celebrated their puberty. With incredible fervor she stretches every hard cock against her wet cans and squeals with joy among the impacts of the stallions that could be her sons. Well, age does not protect against lust… Oma Pervers 15
Cast:Carola Berger, Alexa Bauer
Description:A new round with Grandma Carola Berger once more takes up the proof that lust is absolutely no question of age. “The sex after menopause is simply incredibly cool, you no longer wasted so much time as before, you know exactly what you need and are getting it easily.” And she needs you to realize very quickly – too is widely and variously violently fucked and cum whore… Oma Pervers 16
Cast:Helga Maron, Jeannette Lange, Sunny Lennox
Description:The horny VTO-grandmother Helga Maron applies in a porn cinema as a candy saleswoman (of course it has anything but candy in mind). It does not take long until she gets her well built Boss to fuck her and sperm her really nice. Obviously oversized lust Helga’s family because her granddaughter Jeanette Sheen stands when it comes to men. So, more is not betrayed – except that of course a top desert, mega-nasty fumbling, Treat and dick ensues wherein each gets what they want… Oma Pervers 17
Cast:Wayne Schlegel, Franco Roccaforte, Joey Murphy, Steve Vincent
Description:Depraved Old ladies in the business! Few of this age to agree to such a hard fucking! We have no grannies! Awesome middle-aged lady indulges a cheeky men. Oma Pervers 19
Cast:Wolli Soremba, Spuchi, Gisela Kunz
Description:The VTO-Omas Wolli Soremba and Spuchi are really incredible. Horny as they are, they try their greed in the cinema where they meet, by starting there to get horny a well built African who is not even allowed to be asked twice and both do them violently. As if not enough for them they get themselves a Callboy. Spuchi, for her part a little harder on it, also has a boyfriend with whom she very dirty, with everything she wishes of gourmets… Oma Pervers 22
Cast:Sade Gluide, Anne Andersson, Anna Berger, Sybilla Logana
Description:Age does not protect against lust! This ancient knowledge contained within’s new our grandmothers Maria Hermann, Anita Always, Beatrice INFART and Klara riders to the test. Because they chased her car at full speed through the streets, they have to go to jail and get into the finest society. My cellmate is a colored pimp who has the female cells workforce under control and everything pops whatever comes before’s pipe. But that’s not the macho can lick after shitting even the ass by Omas. But the grannies have luck. A horny young stallion pities her wrinkles columns and plowing this really persevering through… Oma Pervers 25
Cast:Maria Hermann, Sade Gluide, Anna Berger, Maeva Dream
Description:New broom sweeps clean, young cocks fucking good – with this wisdom provided makes Super Granny Maria Hermann unabashedly minded to make it with her young nephew. Although the young Spray is initially a bit unsure when he visited his grandmother and they look surprised at porn …- But it quickly creates uncertainty as granny things (read: his cock) takes in the hand and shows him how and where they want to feel it. As the young stallion puts down a fuck, which is washed and the grandma’s old pussy will long remember.

Date: 1993-1994
Country: Germany
Studio: Video Teresa Orlowski
Size: 15.730 MB
Duration: 1300 min


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