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Katja Kassin was born and raised in Leipzig, behind the Iron curtain under communist regime during a time when the western world was off limits. When the Berlin Wall fell down, Katja got her first taste of this new kind of freedom that would eventually turn her in to one of porn’s most admired foreigners. It all started with nude modeling for local amateur photographers and smut sites. Her curious nature pushed her in to softcore shoots which eventually had her doing explicit XXX films for many years to come. Katja was a big fish in a small pond working in Europe so she ended up migrating to the porn-rich land of Los Angeles, where she excelled in everything hot and kinky and winning many awards along the way. This German-engineered fuck machine comes with an extra large bumper and two giant airbags that will keep you safe in the roughest of fuck-fests. Just make sure to hold on to her bog jugs while she’s handling you like a boy-toy or you might end up planted in the ceiling from getting bounced around like a rag doll by this cock hungry sex-monster. Her extreme slut-appeal is undeniable but this professional cock receiver has a solid head on her shoulders too. She studied political Science, German Language, and Literature at the University of Leipzig. So after she’s done squeezing the cum out of you like the last bit of toothpaste in a tube, she can tell you a thing or two about a thing or two and she can do it in six different languages. She might be done with the porn world for now, but she’s left us with more than plenty to work with. Catch that legendary anal action right here on RedTube.

Cast: Katja Kassin
Clips: 146
Size: 45.330 MB
Duration: 1500 min


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