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This cute brunette is a fit girl who used to play a lot of soccer — look at those legs! We see her at a sports park, running and playing ball, then stretching and giving us peeks under her shirt and between her legs. Soon enough she’s flashing her private parts right in the middle of the park! Notice how sexy her full C cup natural breasts are… and that butt! Back home she masturbates, using a vibrator to pound herself and stimulate her clit, then ends up using the Vibraking toy to an incredibly strong, toe curling orgasm that ends up making her squirt! She’s never squirted in her life, so it was a very unique experience for her. She spreads, showing off her swollen clit up close then gapes her vagina… really wide & deep! Then in a most extreme surprise, she starts fisting herself! Not only does it go deep, it goes really deep past the wrist, and she starts fucking herself hard while deep fisting! Its amazing and extremely erotic to see such a cute girl do this to herself. Then she gapes even wider, and even fists herself with a few fingers from the other hand trying to penetrate some more! Later, we see her in a very sexy dress & heels, her showing off her sexy toned legs, giving us upskirt views, then bringing out the FTV Monster Toy! Its the biggest thing she’s ever had in her life, and its bigger than her forearm, but she takes it almost the entire way down! We watch her ride it hard and deep, then pound herself with it on the floor, until she’s too sore to continue. Out at a golfing goods store, she picks up some pink golf balls, flashes right out in the parking lot — then does something we’ve never done in public before — stuffs three golf balls inside her right in front of a restaurant in public! She then pushes them out with her vaginal muscles, and lets them bounce all over the restaurant floor. Back home, she pushes her limits, and manages to stuff 6 golf balls inside her! We see her push them out in various angles, on her back, then doggy, then from up top. The strength of her vaginal muscles shoots the pretty far… Then we see her do a little foot fetish, breast massage, nipple pulling & licking (she has some really nice perky nipples) and butt massage. Her kinky play continues with some panty stuffing, then she goes outside in a cute white shirt & panties, gets herself wet, uses a water hose like a sex toy… pushing the water hose deep inside her, and squirting water out! She turns to a literal vaginal water fountain as she pushes the hose back end deep and shoots water out… Man is she extreme! We find out she is a big time RPG PC gamer, and loves playing games with the mouse & keyboard. With a full sized mouse in her hand, she blows us away as she stuffs the mouse deep inside her, making it go missing! It completely fills her inside, and she then uses her strong vaginal muscles to push it out of her, notice how it stretches her so wide! Supercute, this girl has her first time experience with FTV, and turns out to be one of the kinkiest and most extreme girls of the year. Clips: 33
Size: 10790 mb
Duration: 400 min


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