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Valentina Velasquez Collection – MegaPack

“Hungarian pornstar Valentina Velasques is young, beautiful, and full of vibrant energy for the pleasures of sex on camera. Her tight body, long dark hair, and lusty eyes are all exceptional gifts from the DNA gods but what makes her such an irresistible pornstar is her willingness to do anything in the name of making good porn. Her resume includes ass to mouth, group sex, double penetrations, creampies in both holes, deepthroat blowjobs, rough sex, gangbangs, and much more. She will not stop until you have seen her do absolutely everything you could ever want a slut to do to make you cum.” “One of the most gorgeous European imports we’ve yet seen, Porn Star Valentina Vecru blazed her way through a torrid string of sexvids during 1996. An olive-skinned stunner of Latin descent, Valentina Vecru’s delectable all-natural curves and cover-girl gorgeous face lit up each and every sex scene she shot. Valentina Vecru was born on January 31, 1975 in Hungary, and by the time she was out of her teens she’d blossomed into a 5’6” vision of pure sexual allure. Valentina Vecru got into hardcore with a series of scenes for Private Video. She never backed down from a sexual challenge, and could often be found merrily taking on a couple of the Continent’s most randy ravishers. She shined in heated group scenes in “Private Gold 4 – Amazonas” and “Private Gold 3 – The Chase,” among others. Valentina Vecru’s best scene might just be her over-the-top work in Anabolic’s “World Sex Tour 5.” In that flick, she takes on Christophe Clark and Jean Yves LeCastel in an incendiary double penetration scene that’s the hottest in the whole video. Valentina Vecru really seems to revel in the duel-ended debauchery, and the scene reaches the heights of Euro-style eroticism. Another great double dipping sequence with Valentina Vecru can be found in “Private Triple X 5,” where she once again loses herself in the pure passion of the threeway. Valentina Vecru drifted away from the American hardcore scene after shooting just under ten features. Whatever she’s up to now, she left behind a nice little selection of sexvids for those who crave smooth-skinned Latin lust bunnies. There have been very few porno performers who could match Valentina Vecru for sheer sexual allure.” “Born on January 31, 1975, Valentina Velasquez began her career at the age of 19 and appeared in 37 films between 1994-1996 and 2 more in 2004 before retiring from the industry for good. During her time she has also gone under the names, Aggi Nagy, Aggi Ramont, Aghi, Agi Vanini, Agnes Malle, Bernadette, Manola Mallory, Valentina, Valentina Martinez, Valentina Vecruz, Wanda.

Cast: Valentina Velasquez
Clips: 50
Size: 6.750 MB
Duration: 500 min


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