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Maya Bijou Collection – MegaPack

Maya Bijou is a doll from the San Francisco Bay Sphere of California. This sumptuous Latina has lengthy dark-skinned hair and humungous dark-skinned eyes, and she’s fairly proud of her congenital forms. She wants you to know that she’s not a faker! She’s fairly the spinner, standing only 5’1″ tall and weighing about 105 ravages. This is pretty incredible, considering her kinks are 32B-24-34, providing her a flawless bod for porno. Maya made headlines a few years ago, for something pretty dark and grim, and it seemed like there might even be the possibility that she would be put in the clink, but everything worked out well for the beauty and she swiftly returned to making pornography flicks. She is blessed that things worked out in her favor because her pornography career was just beginning at that point. Since then it has blossomed, and while it may have gotten a slow commence, now she is an in-demand Latina performer who hopes to get some of her desires fulfilled thru shooting pornography.
In most of Maya’s videos, her muff is well-shaved, since she luvs to keep things clean and congenital. She also luvs to nail Ebony sausages, so she does a pile of Multiracial hookup episodes. She doesn’t think that Ebony man sausage should be anything different than milky salami or sunburn chisel, so she humps them all. That’s the true sign of a real-life man sausage paramour. Ms. Bijou has also done a few girly-girl vignettes, proving herself to be a real bi-curious cunt eater. In one porno film, her name was mistakenly spelled Maya Dijou, but rest ensured, her name is Maya Bijou, and if you get to know her well, you can just call her Maya.

Cast: Maya Bijou
Clips: 61
Size: 173.490 MB
Duration: 2000 min


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